Thank you for checking out our cute unicorns and amigurumi! We know that at this point, you might have many concerns. Therefore we compiled the FAQ that we have received from all our Friends of TRH and summarised in this page. Please read through first. If you have any further concerns, we welcome your messages :)

Yes we are a yarn shop located at Chinatown, Singapore =D Feel free to drop by and swim in the myriad of colours! You may check out our opening hours here.

No, we are not a cafe. Maybe one day :)

We have a video which shows you the way to our studio! You may watch it here.

You may check our operating hours on Google Maps or via Opening Hours and Directions.

We are opened on most public holidays, but sometimes with shorter operating hours. We update any changes in timing regularly on our Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram. You may also check our Opening Hours and Directions for any updates.

You may use PayNow / DBS PayLah / OCBC Pay Anyone, or cash payment. We do not accept credit cards in store.


How to use PayNow / DBS PayLah / OCBC Pay Anyone?

1. Key in 92304874 (Angie)

2. Key in the amount

3. Key in the order number and name

4. Send us a screenshot of your successful transaction

For amigurumi projects, you will need to create tight stitches. These are the recommended hook sizes.

- Tiny Rabbit Hole Puppy Yarn: 2.5mm

- Schachenmayr Catania: 2.5mm (or 2.2mm for tighter stitches)

- Sirdar Cotton DK: 2.5mm

- Crown: 2.5mm

- Katia Bambi: 4mm

- Himalaya Dolphin: 4.5mm


For non-amigurumi projects such as bags, baby booties, scarves, blankets etc

We gave 2 sizes for your reference, but there are no hard and fast rules. Ultimately, it depends on how soft you would like the outcome to be :)

- Tiny Rabbit Hole Puppy Yarn: 3 or 3.5mm

- Schachenmayr Catania: 3 or 3.5mm

- Sirdar Cotton DK: 3.5 or 4mm

- Crown: 3 or 3.5mm

- Katia Bambi: 4.5 or 5mm

- Himalaya Dolphin: 5 or 5.5mm

- Hoooked Ribbon XL: 6.5 - 10mm (please check with the pattern or the original designer)

- Hoooked Zphaghetti: 8 - 15mm (please check with the pattern or the original designer)

It takes an average of 3-4 workshop sessions (6-12h) to complete, with additional hours in between sessions to do your homework.

Your willingness to learn a new skill is already a great start! But first, we want to know which project interests you. Our workshops are classified according to projects. Every project is beginner friendly unless otherwise stated. Find out more about our workshops.

Your willingness to learn is already a great start! We have structured our workshops to be a 1:5 teacher to student ratio, the small classes will ensure our students get enough help and guidance from the trainers. We have successfully taught over 3,000 students with a 100% completion rate, so not to worry, our trainers will be with you from the start to finish off your project.

We have not released our workshop dates for next month, but you can keep checking our workshop page for new dates :) We usually release new dates 2 weeks in advance.

Most of our classes are for absolute beginners. We teach only a certain set of designs to ensure that you are able to complete a product within a certain time limit. In order to do more complex designs, you need to complete your basic class first :)

We strongly discourage students from missing the lessons you've booked with us as you will incur a $7 administrative fee. This is because a lot of planning, effort and preparation goes into our workshops to ensure they run smoothly. If you would like to rebook your session, you may do so here.

The new dates are still in the planning. It will be available online around 2 weeks in advance. You may sign up for our newsletter for more info.

You may sign up for our Private Crochet workshops, where you can choose a date and time at your convenience. You can schedule your private workshop here.

You may sign up for our Bespoke Crochet Workshop, where you can choose what you would like to learn. You may bring your own pattern, or choose from our library.

Please note that for purchases before February 2020, you will need to email us indicating your invoice number, so that we can send you the patterns again. You will be able to access your patterns via your new customer account created after February 2020. Please save your patterns upon purchase.

Please check your spam/junk mail as the pattern might end up there. In order to prevent this situation again, please whitelist our email

You may sign up for our online consultation services ranging from free to $50 :)

We run a weekly IG/FB Live Q&A, so free free to drop your questions here and get it answered during live!

You may also join our Unicorn and Friends – Crochet Club where we have a community of crocheters who can help you with your questions :)

Yes you may. We offer consultation services ranging from 5min to 1h. DM us for more info :)

You may also join our Unicorn and Friends – Crochet Club to receive help from the community :)

You may purchase our Yuni Chan Tote Bag here. Visit our studio with your Yuni Chan Tote bag and receive $1 off your total purchase :)

By default, items that include [Preorder] will be shipped together when the preordered items arrive. If you wish to ship all items together, please make a separate order for the [Preorder] items.

Additional shipping charges will be incurred for separate shipments.